Django Task API

Django Task API lets you quickly write background tasks for your Django project and easily call then using the provided REST API, or the included JavaScript library.

What does it look like?

Tasks are defined as classes with typed input and output parameters, and a run function with the task implementation, to be called by a worker processes.

from task_api.tasks import Task
from task_api.params import ListParameter, NumberParameter

class SumNumbers(Task):
    name = 'sum'

    inputs = {
        'numbers': ListParameter(NumberParameter())

    outputs = {
        'sum': NumberParameter()

    def run(self, numbers):
        return sum(numbers)

Tasks are easily called and monitored in front-end code using the included JavaScript API. The API supports both promises (will Polyfill for older browsers) and traditional callbacks.

<script src="{% static 'django-task-api.min.js' %}"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
    function sumTask(numbers) {
            .run('sum', {'numbers': numbers})
            .then(function(json) {
                console.log('Sum: ' + json.outputs.sum)

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